Now I’m reaching the end of my project I have begun to think about how I want to market my lamp and how I want the packaging to look. When I met with Ffion at Radiance she mentioned the importance of having a finished, packaged item, priced and ready for retail.  It is important it can also sit alongside the aesthetic of other products within the store (and the craft market in general).

Firstly I decided to look at the packaging  of lamps which are on the current market. Many of these were simple boxes containing an illustrated line image of the product inside. To fit in with the aesthetics of bespoke stores and craft shops I intend to retail in I feel the packaging needs to have a similar appearance. As mentioned in my marketing module I think my packing should be simple but stylish.

I want the lamp to come flat pack.  The base will be a solid piece and then the ‘scene’ can be built up by the user so they get a sense they are creating their lamp. In addition designers such as David Trubridge ship their products flat which mean they can be distributed globally.  Within the package the lamp base will come with one scene (set of acetate layers and cut of items). Other scenes can be purchased separately. I would also like to include an instruction booklet with ideas on how to create your own layers.

I have also looked at independent toy companies and children’s boutiques to see the way they package and market their pieces. In a similar way to the lamp packaging they generally use simple graphics and illustration.

I have found numerous examples of products whose packaging uses simple, but beautiful illustrations.  Most of the designs I like tend to use to use natural cardboard with one or two colour simple prints.

I feel this shows the customer the packaging is recyclable and can simply be flattened down. I want to refrain from using wasted packaging with a simple fold down box. I would also hope this gives customers the impression the company is eco friendly and sustainable. The packaging also looks sturdy and protective.

I would also like to include a one colour print with an illustration of the finished product.  I want my product to sit in line with competitors in stores so they look as valuable.


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