App Design

For my app I decided to create a simple design to try and outline what I would include and how it would be laid out. My initial ideas included layers of fabric of varying patterns, I was worried however it was it looked too ‘twee’ and was a little to fussy. I wanted to keep the composition simple as users are encouraged to create their own design using fabric’s of their choice. I didn’t want people to feel deterred from using the kit as they don’t like the fabrics shown. In addition the kits won’t have a standard selection of fabric included, they will have a random selection of samples and users are encouraged to swap and build up their collections.

For my final design I decided to use the same colourways as the branding  and packaging so it all ties together and to reinforce brand recognition and identity. Most pages will follow a simple grid like layout to ensure easy navigation.  I want the app to be as simple as possible to use to encourage users to engage with it regularly. I will also include links to the Stitched Up social media pages on each page to remind users to follow us on as many platforms as possible. This should hopefully result in repeat user activity as customers see updates from the app in their social media news feeds and are reminded to continue their project.

App Home Page
Sewing Circle
Stitch Guide.jpg
Stitch Guide
Symbol Dictionary

Finally with every kit I would include a brief instruction sheet. This will explain what all items in the kit are used for and also direct users to sign up to the Stitched Up app. I hope by suggesting people head straight to the app it will encourage them to get involved straight away, connecting with their friends and beginning their own projects.

info sheet.jpg


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