As I want my product  to be an all inclusive product I want it to come in a nice presentation box which could be kept. I would like this to act as a starters sewing kit. When you out grow it it can still be used to store needles and threads and smaller items

All contemporary crafting kits I have researched seem to use the similar branding of a Kraft box with screen printed imagery in minimal colour ways. This is something I would like to use in my own kit as it’s easily recognisable as a craft kit. I think this in important as there has been a recent surge in the sale of craft supplies which are ever growing in popularity. “Market research firm Mintel reports a 12% rise in women doing some sort of needlecraft as a hobby in the last two years. A fifth of women under 45 are interested in taking up knitting and sewing, while 17% of men aged 16 to 24 are keen to try one of these pastimes.” (Kay: 2017)

I chose the name ‘Stitch together’ as I wanted to customers to easily understand this is an embroidery kit, but also to remind users this is intended as a group activity which as takes place with friends and family (both in person or virtually through the app). Although the packaging will be made from a traditional Kraft paper box similar to products currently available, it will include bold symbols and shapes on the branding in order to making it look more contemporary.  This will also help to illustrate the random and anarchist style of artwork which can be achieved. I hope this striking form of imagery will encourage a wide variety of customers to use this kit in order to create a unique piece for their home. “”We want something in our homes that is unusual.” Kemp points to this as the force behind the rise in embroidery, collage and appliqué in interior design. But forget old-fashioned florals and delicate doilies – this is bright, bold and brand new. ” (Denbury, 2017: Online)

I experimented with a number of logo designs but decided to opt for simplicity, using fabric to add texture and depth to the piece. I want to remind my users their is no specific end goal with their embroidery and the creative choices are down to them . I want to user experience to be as important as the end product.


Kay, K. The Guardian (2017) A stitch in time saves stress down the line [Online] [Date Accessed 30th April 2017] 

Denbury, J. The Telegraph (2017) Forget dreary doilies, craft decoration is back – and with a bold new look. [Online] 16th May 2017 [Date Accessed 16th May 2017]


Figure 1: Cat Brooch needle felting kit. Hawthorn Handmade (2017) Cat Brooch Needle Felting Kit [Online] [Date Accessed 12th May 2017]

Figure 2: Pass The Prosecco cross stitch kit. Etsy (2017) Cross stitch kit. [Online] [Date Accessed 12th May 2017]

Figure 3: Vintage inpired sewing accessories. Pinterest (2017) [Online] [Date Accessed 12th May 2017]

Figure 4: Kiriki Press embroidery kit. Kirik Press (2017) [Online] [Date Accessed 12th May 2017]

Figure 5:  Fox plush sewing kit. Etsy (2017) Fox Sewing Kit [Online] [Date Accessed 12th May 2017]

Figure 6: DIY Screen Printing Kit. Ebay (2017) DIY Print Shop Classic Table Top Screen Printing Full Supply Paint Art Kit [Online] [Date Accessed 12th May 2017]

Figure 7-9:  Potential branding design (photograph)



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