In order to further inform my designs I decided to make a number of prototypes. Firstly I used cardboard to try and create the fold away awning shape i required. Although I really liked the more structured silhouette (far right) I felt this wouldn’t be practical as it doesn’t fold flat to the wall. 4 simple curved strips works best to hold it’s shape and neatly fold away flat.


I draped Sweedish pattern paper over the maquettes in order to calculate the correct shapes I would need in making a pattern for a fabric drip tray cover.


Wire was posted through channels in the canvas to create the desired shape.  However with this design I felt the piece was far too heavy and I worry it would put unnecessary strain on the backboard.

My next prototype was made in a light cotton, a wood veneer was used to create tension. This is much closed to the final effect I am trying to achieve. For my final design I would propose using a waterproof nylon which would hold any dirt and water from the bike. This could also be easily rinsed off and dried.

The drip tray was mounted on a wooden batten with a row of dowels drilled into the back. This allows the try to be mounted onto the peg board with ease. This design seemed to be successful and worked as I had planned.


As well a drip tray, I also made a prototype of my fabric shelf idea. Channels we sewn into either end of a strip of denim.  These were slid over thick wooden poles and dowels in the end attached them to the peg board. I like the way in which they can be mounted in various ways depending on how the user chooses to use them. Fabric such as denim would be ideal in production as it is hard wearing enough to carry lots of items.

I really like the look of this piece as think it is an unusual but practical material to create a shelf from.




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