Final Design


For my final design I decided to use a peg board, unlike previous designs it would only be 0.5m wide to prevent it taking up unnecessary wall space. It will be 2m tall as all new buildings are legally required to have a minimum ceiling height of 2.1m, the standard height is 2.4m. This can be easily fixed to the wall by landlords using top hat battens and standard wall plugs. All items are easily available so should be low in cost.

All items can be easily mounted on the peg board using a series of dowels. A simple bike hook would allow users to store their bikes horizontally or vertically depending on the space they had available. I will also use fabric to create a series of shelves which can be hung over various rods to create interesting, flowing shapes. For the bike drip tray I would to design a fold away piece using lightweight fabric pulled tight over flexible rods. A number of other fixtures such as shelves and coat hooks should allow users the freedom to design a unique storage hub.



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