Initial CAD drawings

For my final idea I would like to design a piece which landlords can easily and cheaply install in their properties. Their tenants can then provide their own modular pieces or storage they require keeping the costs to both parties as low as possible and discouraging inhabitants from drilling into the walls themselves. They can also take their modular pieces with them as them move.  With that in mind I began to draw my ideas up on CAD.

My initial idea was the mounted brackets with bars which could be used to hook on your storage solutions. From this rendered images I realised it was far to big for a modern city centre flat. At 3m wide only very large homes would have the wall space to accommodate his kind of unit. I also felt it looked a lot like school gym equipment and not something you would particularly want in your home.

I prefer the second idea of a peg board much more aesthetically pleasing. I also feel it would give the modular pieces much more scope as it would be sturdier backdrop. Shelves or items or various shapes/sizes could easily be attached and wouldn’t swing or fall forward as they would if hooked onto a bar system.

I decided to try and tweak this idea to see how it could be used in a home. This initial design is 1.5m wide and 2m tall and can hold a bike, drip tray as well as a couple of shelves and hooks for bags and coats. The space below the drip tray could even be used to store shoes.

In order to improve this design I feel the back board should be reduced to 0.5m – 1m wide as this would fit in more homes. If the space was available more than one board could be mounted and modular pieces could be used across them as desired. The peg board system could be easily mounted to the wall using brackets so shouldn’t cause too much issue to landlords to install.

As demonstrated in these images the ‘drip tray’ is far too wide at 460mm when the minimum width required of a hallway is only 990mm . Therefore it needs to fold away and as it to not take up too much floor space but also only needs to collect drit from the wheels so doesn’t need to be as wide as the handle bars. A width of 250-300mm would probably suffice.

Also rather than a solid wooden piece T would like a more flexible/fabric cover which could be removed or washed.  In addition a drip of about a third of the width would only be needed if you wanted to mount your bike vertically. This again could save a lot of space in many homes.


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