Scale drawing

After looking at the types of environments my product would be used in I decided to draw a scale drawing of a bike to see how it could fit and how much space a bike would actually take up.



As these images show an average sized bicycle is extremely large and space intensive within an urban flat. It is important a simple hook system is used so users can mount their bikes in various ways to maximise their space.

In this Melbourne house redevelopment a peg board system has been used as stylish yet low cost storage system. This shows me it is possible to mount a bike and shelves on this type of storage scheme and hopefully  a smaller modular system can also provide a creative and simple solution which can be completely customisable.

I also love the way in which this furniture system can be completely folded away when not in use. The idea was to create multiple space in only one.  This fold out furniture allows the small city centre apartment to remain as clutter free as possible. (Maris: 2015) This is something I would like to achieve within my own work.



Mairs, J (2015) Tables, benches and an ironing board unfurl from the walls of a Madrid apartment by Elii Architects. Dezeen [Online] [Date Accessed 24th March 2017]


Image 1-6: Scale drawing of a bike in a city centre dwelling (Photograph)

Image 7 & 8: Peg board storage system. Est Living (2017) Northcote House [Online] [Date Accessed 24th March 2017]

Image 10: Fold away storage for a compact apartment. Dezeen (2015) Tables, benches and an ironing board unfurl from the walls of a Madrid apartment by Elii Architects [Online] [Date Accessed 24th March 2017]



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