Initial Design Ideas

Following inital body of research my research these are my initial ideas

Idea 1

Landlords would install a series of brackets, these can accommodate metal bars can be added where needed. A variety of modular ‘hook on’ storage can be purchased and rearranged as needed to provide hallway storage. Bikes can be stored on a large heavy duty hook and a pull out drip tray could be used to catch dirt and water from a bike. This should prevent dirt and water causing damage to the home.

Design 1

Idea 2

A freestanding storage system with a variety of pieces which can be added as necessary. As a freestanding piece it would require a sturdy base, however this could be a storage space for shoes and bike accessories. Rather than the usual straight lines i would use sleek curves so the piece is not only useful but also visually pleasing. Unlike having brackets attached to the wall this piece could be very space intensive and not ideal in small city centre apartments.Design 2

Idea 3

My finial idea is a peg board system which would also need to be installed by a landlord. In a similar way to my first idea this would again be a modular piece and could be moved around as needed. This would need to be fixed to the wall using brackets.Design 3

Materials and fabrics  could be used to stretch over frames in order to create storage which can be washed. Steam bent wood or curved metal could be used to create unusual shapes.


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