Final Designs

While participating in the Design For MSK project I aimed to create simple products which could support young MSK sufferers in daily life. I knew whatever I created I would like it to be aesthetically pleasing and not look like a medical aid. My background lies within Textile design and I have always been passionate about exploring the flexibility and diversity of materials. I wanted to focus on simplicity and create practical designs which can be used in day to day life.

My modular pill boxes allow users to sort their medication for the week. Smaller boxes can be taken out and about as needed. The hook on the top means the small daily box can be hooked onto your keys or makeup bag for convenience.




In the final production I would like each pill box to be a different colour to distinguish which box is used for which day.2

To further add to the aesthetic appeal to this piece I would like to add surface pattern and texture the the surface of the pill box holder. I feel a tessellating, geometric pattern would add a contemporary feel which coordinating with the shapes used for the boxes.

These digital renders to show a number of possible surfaces which could be created.



Digital renders of the individual pill box design.


For my second product my bag strap enhancement allows users to wear any fashionable bag by providing additional shoulder support. A small pocket allows users to add heat or ice packs when necessary to alleviate any should pains they may have.



The shape of this design allows the heat pack to sit on the trigger points in the shoulder where pain most often occurs.

Bag Strap Design


These designs are owned by Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. Any enquiries should be directed to Manchester Health Ventures.

To see the final products the #DesignforMSK: the Invisible (Visible) exhibition, will be at Manchester Art Gallery from Monday 5th – Thursday 8th Dec . This exhibition will feature all the product prototypes as well as artists’ responses to living with musculoskeletal conditions.


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