Modular Pill Boxes

Along with my bag strap enhancement , the other design I have decided to develop for the Design For MSK project is a modular pill box. All of the participants had said they require a lot of medication on a daily basis. My idea is to create a set of modular boxes in which you can organise your weekly pills. Within this design there will be 7 removable sections which will allow you to carry only the daily pills you require around with you.

The daily pill boxes will simply attach to a key-ring so they can be clipped onto your keys or makeup bag for convenience. I also wanted the main container which houses the pill boxes to be aesthetically pleasing so it can be out on display in your home.


My final design is a heptagon shaped box with 7 equally sized triangular boxes housed inside. These boxes are also split into 3 compartments so pills can be arranged to be taken at different times of the day.


The pill boxes open with a simple flip top fastening and should easily side in and out of the main box. Although this boxes will be 3D printed in a plain plastic, the potential for surface design or pattern is huge. Now the digital files have been created my first prototypes are being created.


With special thanks to Tom Forshaw for creating the digital files.


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