International Year Of Light

As part of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies,  light, sound and public art was celebrated in Manchester over 3 days in December.  A number of exciting artworks were showcased at various landmarks throughout the city centre. I went to visit a number of instillations to investigate new ways light has been used to transform different environments.

Throughout 2015 it’s the aim of the UN to promote light based technologies and explore how they can be used to resolve or improve sustainable energy, education, agriculture and health issues.

“An International Year of Light is a tremendous opportunity to ensure that international policymakers and stakeholders are made aware of the problem-solving potential of light technology. We now have a unique opportunity to raise global awareness of this.”

Dudley, J. 2015, About The Year Of Light [Online]. [Accessed 15th December 2015]. Available from 

Enlighten 2015

Manchester Central Library & The Bridgewater Hall

2015-12-10 18.57.33

Architectural Lighting – Tyson Lighting and LumenPulse

A series of colourful lights which move around the exterior of the Manchester Central Library.

The Chandelier of Lost Earrings – Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell

A chandelier created using hundreds of lone earrings gathered from people around the world.

Light Wave Power KIC 8462852 – Paul Friedlander

This piece was my favorite, a kinetic light structure effected by the speed and movement of a chomastrobic light. As the rotations (controlled by a computer) speed up or slow down, the coloured bands of light change.

One Thousand Birds – Kathy Hinde and Matthew Fairclough

A stunning instillation made up of 1000 origami birds all hand folded by people in the local community. Moving images were projected through the curtain of birds casting animated shadows on the wall behind.

Luminous Birds – Kathy Hinde

A suspended flock of paper birds which appear animated as LED lights move from to another, in illuminated sequences.

Lost and Found – Elisa Artesero

Illuminated ‘Lost’ and ‘Found’ mirrors, they cast eerie reflections on passersby.

Visible Words From Invisible People – Richard William Wheater with RECLAIM

A collection of Neon statements which give a voice to the silenced youths within society.

RGB, Decorative Light Installation

An assortment of neon strip lights placed on the floor, nestled within the shelves of the library.

The Stories Under Our Feet – Elisa Artesero

Lights from under the benches outside the library  cast shadows of hidden text onto the floor. These subtle poems are only visible to those who walk with theireyes cast downwards.

2015-12-10 19.31.35

Entropy – Carlos Bernal

This series of projected light animations creates a new dimension of space, where energy appears to be transferred and transformed.

Lightwaves 2015

Salfrod Quays & Media City

AMAZE – Marcos Zotes

A towering maze of light and colours, where psychedelic animations are cast over you as you explore a kaleidoscope of hues.

Cathedral of Mirrors Mads Christensen

An interactive instillation of reflection and light which responds to the movement of the visiting crowds.

Intrude – Amanda Parer

A family of luminous bunnies, their objective is to remind us of nature and it’s fragility.

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