Final Design

This is the final design for our collaborative project. Inspired by water and optical effects, this mood light is designed to create an ambient atmosphere which can be changed by the user. We worked together to combine the materials we liked, and processes we found most effective to create this concept.



The wooden base will be CNC routed to create a hollow bowl where the electrical components can be hidden. An MDF base will sit on top of this and will hold the bulb sockets in place. Above this a piece of mirrored acrylic will sit in line with the top of the LED bulbs. Red, green and blue LED bulbs will be used to cast chromatic shadows over the surroundings. Alternatively remote control, changeable bulbs can be changed to white or coloured light as the user desires to create various atmospheres in their room.  Finally a glass shade will sit over the top made from slumped glass. The varying thicknesses of glass should also help to create water like shadows as the light is refracted through it. A series of steps inside the base with provide a platform for each layer to sit on.


CGI mock ups of wooden base

(by Houda Kaddouh)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 20.17.27Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 20.52.31


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