Further Material Investigation


We firstly explored fusing glass. We collected a number of different colours and types of glass and fused them in the kiln to see the effect this would have.



The glass laid out in the kiln before it was fired

The glass after it was fired in the kiln.


Test pieces of 3mm mirrored acrylic, we used these sheets to see how it would respond to being heat moulded.

IMG_2321 - Copy

Once heated the mirrored surface developed a more matt, silver quality. However finger prints which picked up from the kiln retained it’s mirrored quality.


Illusion Plastic

We used a clock mechanism to hold two pieces of illusion plastic, having the top piece slowly turn on top of the other. The idea was to show a change in appearance as the two pieces moved, illustrating a passing of time. The pixel light patterns and optical effects created when two layers were held together are also effected differently by both daylight and artificial light, again demonstrating the different times of day.

Unfortunately this piece wasn’t as effective as anticipated. The illusions created only really work if there is pressure on the sheets of plastic which is something I wasn’t able to achieve.

Design Ideas

Another selection of design sketched based on our further investigation of materials.

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